10/11/2016 – Hi BAC Folks!
We had a really good turn out at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Solar Party on Saturday. Ranger Ryan was there to assist and Ken, Alan and Laura, Ray P., Les, Bill and Carol. The Cooks' grandson also lent a hand by demonstrating a prism. Ranger Ryan would like to have more solar/star parties with the help of our club. Thank you to everyone who took the time to set up scopes, make flyers and poster boards of the sun and for assisting in this event. 

Thursday, Ocotber 13, is our BAC monthly meeting night.  We hope to see many of you there to help with the ongoing rebuilding of our club.  Laura mentioned that we should be able to launch our new website, which Marian, Laura, Alan and Ken have been working on. Thank you guys and gals for doing that! 

Meeting will be at 7:30 p.m. at the Brunswick Rec Center. Please bring any thoughts or ideas of what you would like to do with the club.  We will discuss our ongoing projects that folks are working on. We will also have our monthly 50-50 raffle! 

See you Thursday!
Carol Lee    🔭   🌛   🌟

​​10/8/2016 – We had nice weather and a great turnout for today's Solar Observing Party in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Everyone seemed to have a good time—both visitors and club members.

​​​​​​​​​November 10,2016
Ken called the meeting to order at 735pm. 
First of all, i would like to thank Ron for taking the minutes for me.  :-)
Ken handed out a list of constellation and stars correct pronunciation.  Everyone went over the all the info ken provided.  the constellations are best viewed w/binoculars. Ron also shared his skywatch guide on the constellations.  good presentation ken! 
The business portion of the meeting then started and allan gave the treasurers report. The ending balance for sept was $413.47 and the ending balance for nov was $422.47. 
A motion was made to accept oct minutes.  Allan passed around some samples of new club business cards. The cost is $14.25 for 500 cards.  The cards will be handed out at our star parties to people who are very interested in learning more about our club and astronomy.  Hopefully, this will promote some new members in the future!  A motion was made to accept the black background card w/the yellow printing on it.  Thank  you allan and laura for taking care of this project.
A discussion followed about the super moon on sunday and monday. the moon will appear 14% larger and will be 2,000 miles or more closer to earth.  Then a discussion on meteor showers and the best way to view them followed.
Ken also confirmed Room #1 will be our permanent meeting room for 2017! that is great news!  good job, ken!!!
The club's CHRISTMAS PARTY  will be at the Winking Lizard December 8 - thursday -  at 630pm.  We did this last year and everyone who attended enjoyed it!  We look forward to this year's party too!  Pls let ken know if you plan on attending so he can call the Winking Lizard and give them a count of people and have tables ready for us.  There will be no meeting in december as the party is on our regular meeting night. 
Allan asked that we all try the new website. it has a lot of info and if you have any pictures you would like to have put on the website, pls send them to Allan.  Ken asked for volunteers to make presentations at future meetings.  if you have a favorite planet or star or constellation, pls consider giving it a try!   As a club we would like to do more star parties. And when we do a star party,  scopes should be set on different objects, so that we are all not on the same object.  We want to keep the folks there and interested. 
Ray L needs dates for our star parties at brunswick lake/sundial area to give to the city.  Not sure if we are non-profit yet. Allan can you pls confirm this. 
Ray L also discussed his observations at letha house - the moon, andromeda and star clusters.  Then there was a discussion on which is better: a go-to scope or a manual scope.  Both have good benefits! 
Ray P won the 50/50 raffle and then donated his winnings back to the club. Wow! thank you so much ray! very generous of you!!!!  :-)
Ian brought some observing info on mars and then viewing at Cherry Springs was discussed.  Ray P led a discussion on the super moon and its orbit. Allan then explained what an eliptical orbit was. 
A motion was made and accepted to adjourn the meeting at 845pm.

Minutes submitted by Carol - Secretary
Thanks, again Ron for taking notes for us! 

March 11, 2017

Brunswick Astronomy Club
March 9, 2017 Minutes
The meeting was called to order by Ken Boehlein at 7:33 pm.
The meeting started with a presentation by Les Shearheart on how best to view the moon. He stressed that the phase of the moon altered how the craters were seen because the shadows created, highlighted certain portions during the different phases. He recommended that you plan ahead if you want to view particular craters. Les also recommended the book, Observing the Moon Book 2000 as a great resource. Sky and Telescope’s Mirror Image Moon Map would also be helpful while investigating the moon craters. Les showed us a variety of images of the moon including the Sea of Crises, Cape Obrium, Piccard Crater, and Petavius Crater, as well as other images. He reminded us that the moon is always changing and is very interesting to study! He recommends a polarized filter to help with moon viewing. Orion would be a good source to obtain this type of filter. We also viewed to videos of the moon. Les then discussed the origin of the Earth and Moon and how it is responsible for our seasons and tides and maintains the circumstances necessary for life. Great presentation Les! Thank you!
We had four guests present at our meeting; Kevin Kohler, Pam and Jerad Knot, and Dave Johnson. The two younger guests seemed very interested in astronomy. Ray Maskow is now a member of our club. Welcome Ray!
We then had our 50/50 raffle. Ron won $9 and $9 was added to our account.
Laura then gave the treasure’s report. We are now officially affiliated with Huntington Bank who merged with First Merit. We now have $504.47 as of February 28, 2017.
Many members payed their dues and we will continue to collect dues at the April meeting. Dues are as follows: $15 individual; $20 for a couple; and $25 for a family.
We held our elections. The previous office holders will retain their present positions: Ken as president, Allan as vice president, Laura as treasure, and Carol as secretary. Bill Lee will serve as member at large. We all wish Carol a speedy recovery!
Ken recommends that we go on the NightSky Network because of all the valuable information available at that site. He also reviewed our viewing schedule at the sundial and possible dates at a variety of locations. Ken also brought up the possibility of a strictly binocular star party. Viewing schedules can be found on line once they are finalized.
Ray Love will check out us obtaining a permit for Letha House.
Our first executive meeting is set for April 1, 2017 at 12 noon. We will meet at the Brunswick Panera.
The meeting adjourned at 9:02.
Minutes submitted by:
Laura Cook, Treasurer.

​​​9/25/2016 – Ken recommends using skymaps.com to plan viewing sessions.

    FOR SALE                                                                     


4.5 inch F4 rich field Newtonian scope.  Accepts 1 ¼ eyepieces.  A computerized single arm mount on a aluminum tripod and reflex finder.  Price: $100.00 Plus shipping

4.7 inch F5 rich field refractor that takes 1 ¼ and 2 inch eyepieces. Mounted on a aluminum tripod with a equatorial head with R.A. drive and reflex finder.  Price: $147.00 Plus shipping

 4.5 inch F6 Newtonian scope.  Includes a wooden tripod with an equatorial head and 30mm finderscope.  Accepts both 1 ¼ and .965 eyepieces that come with the scope.  Optical tube has slight dent in it but optical alignment is still possible.  Price:$100.00 Plus shipping

 60mm F13 refractor with aluminum tripod and equatorial head. Comes with .965 eyepieces and carrying bag. Price: $25.00 Plus shipping


1 ¼ inch eyepieces: Price $28.00 each Plus shipping

0mmPlossl    12.5mm Plossl      

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5mm illuminated reticle eyepiece Price: $45.00 Plus shipping

2 inch eyepieces: Price $100.00 each Plus shipping

26mm – 70 degree FOV   

 32mm – 70 degree FOV    

40mm – 70degree FOV

2inch, 2x Barlow Price: $45.00 Plus shipping

Table top equatorial mount for small scopes or binos. Price: $38.00 Plus shipping


To purchase any of the items listed above, please call Ken. Boehnlein at 330-273-3716 after 6 P.M. Eastern Standard Time.  Note: all prices shown are in US Dollars


The schedule for the Public Star Parties at Brunswick Lake Park was finalized at yesterday's meeting. It is as follows:


April 22 - 8:30 - 10:30 P.M.

May 19 - 8:30 - 10:30 P.M.

June 16 - 9:00 - 11:00 P.M.

July 21 - 9:00 - 11:00 P.M.

August 18 - 9:00 - 11:00 P.M.

September 15 - 9:00 - 11:00 P.M.

October 20 - 8:30 - 10:30 P.M.

The event will be held the following day if cancelled due to weather.

Brunswick Astronomy Club's 

Space Blog

10/10/2016 – We are all looking forward to August 21, 2017, when the Great American Eclipse will occur..

10/15/ 2016

 attendance: Ken,Alan & Laura, Mark, Ian,Bill & Carol, Ray L, Ray P, Les, and Ed

Meeting called to order at 7:30pm

BAC website was launched but was not able to go live. Alan has now fixed this and the website: brunswickastronomyclub.com is now up and running! A great big THANK YOU to Alan & Laura and Marian for getting the website all in order. We have 5 pages but right now use 4 pages. They are Home, Events, Link and Blog.  Under events, there is a calendar which will show our sun or star parties dates and times, etc.   Alan, Laura or Marian will have access to the website for any updates. If there is something you think needs to be added or changed, pls let one of them know. 

Ken thanked the members that helped with the solar party for the CVNP and said Ranger Ryan also thanked the club for their help. There were about 125 people that came and looked thru our scopes. Many asked questions about the sun and also our club.  Ranger Ryan would like more sun or star parties w/our help. They use social media to advertise these events. This also gives our club good exposure!  Ken asked that we please reply to him w/a yes or no when he asks for or reminds us of a solar or star party so that he has an idea of how many members will be there.  This info is also helpful for Ranger Ryan.  Ken also mentioned that when we are hosting a star party that stop and point out various objects in the night sky and also when people are in line, we point out objects to them as well. 

Ray L is currently working w/the city on insurance and dates for star parties at the sun dial.  Right now we are thinking of the 3rd friday of each month, but that may have to change if there is a full moon.  Ray also said he needs the dates for the city by december so he can give them to the city in february. We also discussed various ways to advertise our star parties. Some suggestions were: local newspapers, BAT,Jay Reynolds (channel 3), the city website and the weekly newsletter put out by mike kovacs for medina county.  When we have our dates Carol will check into that and see if we can be listed there. Alan suggested we make a video/movie and have that available for people to see what we do.  Once we have our dates set, it was suggested that we have a 'bring your own scope' night for folks who have a telescope, but aren't really sure how to use it.  This would be held at the sundial area also. 

The september minutes were accepted as written.  Laura reported that we have $413.47 in our account as of this date.  Ian won the 50/50 raffle! Congrats to Ian!! Ian also brought the Emerald Necklace metro park magazine and passed that around. Next month we will discuss the christmas party/dinner. Pls start thinking about that as to when and where we would like to gather.  Last year we went to the Winking Lizard and everyone seemed to like that and had a good time! 

Ray L spoke w/Andy Sherwood of Night Sky to work w/Alan on our website calendar.  That may have already been done as of this writing since our website is up and running.  Laura mentioned that we have a facebook page. The name of it is:  starbrunswick    

Presentations: Ken will give a presentation at our next meeting in november on the 'correct pronunciation' of the constellations.  Thanks Ken for offering to speak on that subject!  He also mentioned that Night Sky network has a lot of info, things to see an do on it and good ideas for presentations.  We should all check that out!  Ian provided info from the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center, 28728 Wolf Rd, Bay Village, OH 44140  440-871-2900  -- they have a planetarium and have many programs related to astronomy for all ages.  Pls check their website or call them for further info. 

Our club roster had 2 email changes and copies of the new roster will be passed out at the next meeting.  If you have any changes to your email address or phone number, pls let Carol know so she can update our roster  :-)  

The meeting was adjourned at 9pm.
Minutes submitted by Carol Lee, Secretary

 HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE !!!!   👻  🎃🔭 pVaragraph here.